This award-winning family run business is based in the heart of the Somerset countryside. They have been creating liqueurs for over 20 years, based upon the blends taken from the tales of Egbert the Monk and his discovery of a secret recipe book in the watercress beds in Witham Friary.

Remaining true to their heritage, they produce all of their liqueurs in small batches by hand. They source as much as they can from the UK and include Great British hedgerow flavours in their range, using traditionally crafted wines and spirits.

As a multiple Great Taste award-winning producer, they believe strongly in placing emphasis on the taste and quality of their products.

Deli-cious is delighted to be working with Friary Liqueurs as their Exclusive OnTap Partner, enabling all our independent customers with alcohol licenses to bring a desirable and profitable additional line of products to their offering.
For every order placed, Friary will provide tasting samples, OnTap point of sale material and are always on hand to help increase your sales or answer any queries you or your customers may have in connection with their liqueurs.