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Oils – Frequently Asked Questions

Are your oils made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Yes, all the Deli-cious Infused Olive Oils are made using 100% Arbequiña Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Where does the Extra Virgin Olive Oil come from?

The extra virgin olive oil used in our infused olive oils is grown, harvested and pressed on the estate of the Pons family, situated in the province of Lleida, a region of Cataluña, Spain.

Are your infused Olive Oils made with natural ingredients?

Absolutely, we use only 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and then infuse it with 100% pure, natural essential oils extracted from the herbs, citrus fruits and spices.

What type of olive is used in your Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Only premium quality Arbequiña Olives, grown by the Pons family in Catalonia are used for the production of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Arbequiña olive produces a sweet and smooth, mild yet buttery taste, with a pleasant fruity aroma. This oil provides an ideal base within which to infuse the natural essential oils and extracts.

Is your extra virgin olive oil cold-pressed?

This starts with the olives being milled within 24hrs of being harvested. They are then crushed to a fine paste using a traditional 3 stone granite mill, and then the olive paste is then transferred to a steel centrifuge where the olive oil is extracted under a ‘cold-process’. It is more common to see the term “cold-extracted” these days, as very few producers still use a cold-pressing technique.

Does Deli-cious supply Plain Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Yes, Deli-cious Fine Foods supplies a variety of Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oils to our customers. We have several monovarietals from Spain, Italy & Greece. You can check them out here Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Can I sell Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil to my customers OnTap?

Unfortunately and officially, you can’t.
Since 14th December 2014, new E.U., legislation was brought into force forbidding the sale of Pure (unflavoured) Olive Oil via OnTap into refillable bottles from steel fusti dispensers, glass amphoras or bag-in-box cartons.

Further information is available here

The GOOD NEWS is that there is no restriction on selling Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oils OnTap, or indeed any other oils such as Virgin Nut or Seed oils

For now, if you are interested in legally selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then we advise selling it in bottles pre-packaged by the producer.

What is the shelf life for your Oils when stored in an amphora?

Infused Olive Oils – Ideally for these to be at their best in terms of flavour and aroma, they should sold within 8 months when stored in an amphora. If you have pre-filled a bottle for sale from the amphora, we recommend the product ideally be used/sold within 6 months and ideally stored in a cool, dark place, away from heat and sunlight.

Nut & Seed Oils – Due to the fact that these oils oxidise quicker when in contact with the air, light and heat and therefore can become rancid, their maximum shelf life is shorter when stored in both amphorae and bottles pre-filled from the amphora for sale.

* There can be some variation in the best-before depending upon the individual shop environment within which the amphorae are stored, the average ambient temperature and any direct contact with sunlight and heat.

Vinegars – Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your Deli-cious Vinegars come from?

Our fruit vinegars are produced exclusively for us by a small, family-run artisan producer in the heart of the Mösel wine valley region of Germany.

Are your vinegars made with all-natural ingredients?

Absolutely! We are dedicated to providing the very best in terms of flavour and aroma, so our vinegars only contain natural fruit juices, fruit pulps & natural flavourings.

What is a Balsam Vinegar?

Unlike the familiar Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, our Balsam Vinegars are created by combining soft and fragrant white wine vinegar with concentrated fruit juices, fruit pulp, extracts and other natural ingredients. They are fruit flavoured white wine vinegars.

What is a Cream Vinegar?

These are vinegars made using premium quality white wine vinegar and higher quality natural ingredients. The unique recipes used, produce sweeter, lower acidity vinegars that tend to be slightly thicker and cream-like in consistency compared to our Balsam vinegar range. Our Balsamic Cream Vinegars contain the additional ingredient of aged Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, for added depth and flavour and naturally sweet date syrup for a silky smooth texture.

What is a Fruit Pulp Vinegar?

Thick, fresh and full of delicious fruit pulp, these unique vinegars add a burst of fruit flavour to your favourite dishes. Inspired by the traditional recipes of authentic French artisan producers, they are made by combining up to 40% of pure fruit pulp with vinegar. Useful for both cooking and dressing, and even drinking when added to water or your favourite alcoholic tipple.

What is Balsamico di Modena & how is it made?

Balsamico di Modena has a rich and colourful production history dating all the way back to the Middle Ages. It is traditionally made in only two regions of Italy, those being Modena and Reggio Emilia. Family producers have had their own unique recipes handed down from generation to generation, and continue to produce their vinegars in the same way as they did all those years ago.
The process begins with harvesting locally grown grapes of two varieties, usually Trebbiano & Lambrusco. Only the best grapes are selected, and their harvesting is left as late as possible to maximise all of the natural sweetness. The grapes are carefully pressed, and the resulting “must” is slowly cooked in open vats for a period of at least 24hrs, until the grape must has reduced down to about 50% in volume. Cooking over a direct fire concentrates all the natural sugars through evaporation, and gives the vinegar a characteristic dark brown colour.

The cooked grape must is then placed in large oak barrels along with a small amount of matured wine vinegar (also known as “mother vinegar”), and fermentation and acetification process begins.
Later, in order to obtain a more premium quality Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, it is matured in smaller individual wooden barrels of Oak, Chestnut, Cherry, Ash & Mulberry. Each barrel wood type imparts a unique flavour note to the vinegar.

The quality and production method of Balsamico di Modena varies greatly between producer, and Deli-cious chooses to only work with some of the very best small, family-run producers in the region. As  a result we offer premium quality Balsamic Vinegar which has been IGP/PGI certified and recognised worldwide for its quality and flavour.

How can I recognise a good quality Balsamic Vinegar?

A good indicator is to always look out for a certified product bearing the stamp of PGI or IGP.

PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Indicazione Geografica Protetta (IGP)
In the case of Balsamico di Modena vinegar production, you will see the terms of PGI or IGP (in Italy) used interchangeably. This certification label indicates that the production of the vinegar has been overseen by the certification agency, and met all the required standards needed to allow it to be called “Balsamico di Modena”. It is then awarded the PGI or IGP status and the product labels can bear the PGI/IGP stamp.

Deli-cious Fine Foods only supplies high quality, certified Balsamic Vinegars to our customers, produced by small scale artisan producers with whom we have long established business relationships.
The ultimate test is of course the taste test, which is the advantage with all our OnTap Oils & Vinegars, in that you can try them all first before you buy and therefore have complete freedom of choice.

What is the shelf life for your Vinegars when stored in the amphora?

Flavoured Vinegars  – Ideally for these to be at their best in terms of flavour and aroma, they should be sold within 12 months when stored in an amphora. If you have pre-filled a bottle for sale from the amphora, we recommend the product be used/sold within 10 months, and stored in a cool, dark place, away from heat and sunlight.

Fruit Pulp Vinegars – With vinegars that contain high percentages of fruit pulp, oxidisation will tend to be quicker. So, the general best-before recommendations would have to be adjusted accordingly.

* There can be some variation in the best-before depending upon the individual shop environment within which the amphorae are stored, the average ambient temperature and any direct contact with sunlight and heat.

Liqueurs – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the minimum order for free delivery?

£125.00 which will equate to 2 x 5 litres of liqueurs, starting out with 2 flavours is a great introduction to selling Liqueurs OnTap. Any orders below £125.00 a delivery charge of £10.00 will be applied.

Will you provide point of sale material and serving suggestions?

Yes, we find that this really helps drive sales.

What are the best selling flavours?

Our OnTap assortment Best Sellers include Toffee Vodka Liqueur, Chocolate Vodka Liqueur, Raspberry Vodka Liqueur and our Whisky, Ginger and Spices Liqueur!

Do you provide tasting samples free of charge?

Yes we do! Sampling and offering customers this unique tasting experience really helps to drive sales.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Every batch is made to order. We aim to get your order to you between 5 and 10 days, earlier if we can!
Each batch is produced by hand in very small quantities, so please bear with us whilst we lovingly handcraft your order.

Are customers allowed to help themselves?

No, because you are selling alcohol you must be on hand to check that the customer is over 18 before serving them a sample.
There are a number of ways to do this, either move the glass amphora to an area that is continuously supervised or out of reach; alternatively you can turn the the amphora, so that the taps are inaccessible to the customer.
Our POS merchandising for your amphora will state that you must be over 18 years of age to sample and purchase the product. You can also make a sign (if required) to request that customers do not serve themselves.
** Please Note** You must have a premises licence in place to offer Liqueurs OnTap. Please visit The official website for full information about how to apply for a license, if you do not already have one.

Do you provide me with POS that covers all the legally required information?

Yes, all Friary OnTap Liqueurs come with POS material that states the name of the liqueur, the alcohol content, and information about us as the producer.

What are the benefits of selling Liqueurs OnTap?

A unique product bottled just for your customers that they can’t buy anywhere else on the high street.

The service and experience that customers receive, will bring them back to your store time and again.
It will also encourage multiple purchases as the products really do taste exceptional and effectively sell themselves!

They also make great gifts for giving all year round, so can boost your seasonal sales, and add excellent kudos to your gift baskets!

Can you support us with in-store tasting events?

Yes, please either get in touch with us direct at Friary Liqueurs, or contact Antony Cheetham at Deli-cious OnTap on 0203 397 4701 to discuss your requirements or planned event.

Where can I buy my glass bottles and Amphores?

Friary Liqueurs, offers a small selection of bottles that can be supplied to get you started; alternatively Deli-cious offers a much wider selection of designs and sizes. Check out the range of bottles here.
For your OnTap Amphoras, these are supplied exclusively by Deli-cious OnTap.
Contact Antony Cheetham on 0203 397 4701 or further information or send us a message via our Contact Page.

OnTap – Frequently Asked Questions

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