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Carrot, Apple and Orange Balsam Vinegar

The fresh sweetness of the carrot, the light acidity of apple and the fruitiness of orange: when this particular trio unites in our Carrot, Apple and Orange Balsam Vinegar, it creates a unique flavour combination that impresses with its versatility and delicious taste.
Using apple cider vinegar as a base and with a mild acidity of 3%, each of the individual components comes into their own. Thus, this unique vinegar gives salads and sauces a special fruity-fresh note making it an outstanding taste experience.

  • This vinegar is an ideal choice for salads and sauces.
  • Add a good splash to refreshing mineral water or use as a shrub mixer for an innovative cocktail.
  • Create a salad dressing, marinade or dip with our Basil infused Olive Oil, Ginger infused Olive Oil or Lemon infused Olive Oil
  • Great for deglazing the pan when cooking white meats such as chicken, turkey and pork.
  • Add to the wok when stir-frying crunchy vegetables and tofu.
  • Toss a little through your favourite couscous dish and bring it to life!