Stainless Steel Europa Fusti Drums for Oil

These NSF Certified Sansone Stainless Steel Drums are made from top quality AISI 304 stainless steel and are uniquely welded for hygiene and easy cleaning. They are also produced to ISO 9001 certification standard.

The Sansone Fusti Drums for Oil can be supplied with or without a tap
The 5L size drum is supplied pre-fitted with a twist-tap complete with black PVC stand.

These drums are suitable for storing liquid food and drink such as Oil and low viscosity syrups.

We do not recommend using Oil drums with Maple Syrup unless you keep your drum refrigerated.
We do not recommend using Oil drums with Detergents, Cosmetics or other Cleaning Products.

Suitable for Oil, Low viscosity Syrups, Wine and Cider.
– Welded handles for easy transportation
Available direct from U.K. (other sizes available on request)
– Easy to clean and maintain
– The best quality steel drums available – Sansone is the market-leader.
– Delicious Fine Foods is the official supplier partner for Sansone in G.B.

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H 20cm, D 23cm, opening Ø 13cm
(tap & stand incl)
H 24cm, D 28cm, opening Ø 13cm
(requires BC-CIL-R06-303  tap)
H 31cm, D 28cm, opening Ø 13cm
(requires BC-CIL-R06-303  tap)
H 39cm, D 28cm, opening Ø 13cm
(requires BC-CIL-R06-303 tap)
H 32cm, D 36cm, opening Ø 23cm
(requires BC-CIL-R06-303 tap)
Twist-Top Lever TapBC-CIL-R06-303
Outlet Size – Ø 9 mm
Larger Outlet Lever TapBC-CIL-R04
Outlet Size – Ø 13 mm
Delivery Charges (Excluding VAT) – Shipped from the U.K.
1 -2 Drums£13.00
3-4 Drums£23.00
5-6 Drums£33.00
7-8 Drums£43.00
8+ DrumsPOA

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