Stainless Steel Taps for Steel Fusti Drums

All our stainless steel Oil & Water drums can be supplied with the new patented, Sansone NSF certified twist tap with lever.

The taps for Oil drums are made entirely of AISI 303 stainless steel, and the tap for Vinegar/Water drums is made from AISI 316 stainless steel offering even greater protection against corrosion and rust. It can be used with one hand without having to hold the container.

The twist tap is really drip-proof since the closure takes place directly on the transit hole. This is not possible with other taps that are available often requiring a drip-tray, bucket or dish.

With this kind of tap, it is possible to replace the worn internal rubber o-rings, which is not a possibility in other available models resulting in a need to completely replace the whole tap itself.

Complete disassembly is possible without resorting to mechanical tools, allowing maximum cleaning and use with other liquids. Being NSF certified; it is totally washable and has no internal mechanism that would prevent total cleaning.

We also provide a AISI 304 steel honey tap which comes fitted as standard with our Honey Fusti Drums as well as an AISI 303 stainless steel lever tap with a larger outlet opening of Ø 13mm designed for Oil drums only. It is ideal for those wanting a faster flow for product such as Olive Oil.

Product CodeFitting SizeTypeApplication
BC-CIL-R04½”Ø 13mm Large Outlet Lever TapOils/Syrups
BC-CIL-R06-303½”Ø 9mm Twist-Top Lever Tap (NSF cert)Oils/Syrups
BC-CIL-R06-316½”Ø 9mm Twist-Top Lever Tap (NSF cert)Vinegar/Water
BC-CIM-R011″Ø 25mm Honey Gate Tap Honey/Syrups

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