Stainless Steel Europa Fusti Drum for Honey

TIG welded fusti drums are available in capacity sizes from 3L up to 50L and made from top quality, food-grade AISI 304 18/10 Italian stainless steel.

The welding method ensures the highest standards of liquid food preservation and total ease of cleaning.

The 1″ tap, entirely made in stainless steel, is designed for high viscosity liquid such as honey, maple or agave syrup.

All Europa Fusti Containers for Honey have the NSF International quality certification as well as the UNI EN ISO9001: 2000 certification.

All of our Europa Fusti Containers for Honey are supplied with a 1″ Honey tap included in the price.

3L  BC-CIM-03L :  H 17.2cm, D 18cm, Ø 10cm – 1.1 kg
5L  BC-CIM-05L : H 20cm, D 23cm, Ø 13cm – 1.8 kg
10L  BC-CIM-10L : H 24cm, D 28cm, Ø 13cm – 2.1 kg
15L  BC-CIM-15L : H 31cm, D 28cm, Ø 13cm – 2.4 kg
20L  BC-CIM-20L : H 39cm, D 28cm, Ø 13cm – 2.4 kg
25L  BC-CIM-25L : H 32cm, D 36cm, Ø 23cm – 4.2 kg
30L  BC-CIM-30L H 36cm, D 36cm, Ø 23cm – 4.5 kg
50L  BC-CIM-50L : H 44cm, D 44cm, Ø 23cm – 5.4 kg

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