Red Bell Pepper
Fruit Pulp Vinegar

The fruity and tangy combination of ripe, sweet, succulent red bell peppers and just a hint of chilli, shines through with this vinegar.
With its vibrant colour and high fruit pulp content, the flavour is particularly intensive, fresh and tasty.

Order Code: 5VRBP

Available from Rowcliffe
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Unit Size: 5 Litre

  • With a sweet-tart flavour and slight sharpness, it is particularly well suited for use in all salad dressings and marinades.
  • Add a splash for extra flavour to sauces and salsas.
  • Ideally suited to white fish, seafood & shellfish.
  • Try a splash over vegetables, eggs and poultry.
  • Make a dressing with our Ginger infused Olive Oil.
  • Use to deglaze the pan when cooking red meats.
  • Goes well with tomato sauces or ratatouille.
  • A delicious addition to Pizzas.
  • The perfect complement to fish such as sardines or mackerel.
  • You can even try it with ice cream and chocolate based desserts.

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