Flavoured Balsamic Dressing

A rich, nutty vinegar made from naturally sweet date syrup blended with barrel-aged Italian Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, brandy spirit vinegar, and then combined with natural Hazelnut extract to create a silky smooth Balsamic dressing.

Order Code: 5VHAZ

Available from Rowcliffe
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Unit Size: 5 Litre

  • Particularly well suited for use in Autumn and Winter salads.
  • Delicious served with desserts such as vanilla ice-cream, used as a dressing sauce for a dark chocolate torte, or as a nutty basting glaze for meats or grilled seasonal vegetables.
  • A tasty addition to game meats such as venison, pheasant or rabbit.
  • Perfect with matured hard cheeses or soft, creamy French & Italian specialities.
  • Try it warmed with crêpes & cakes.