Fruit Pulp Vinegar

This fruit pulp vinegar has a deliciously fresh and sweet taste, with a slight sharpness at the same time. The high content of just plucked apricot fruitiness makes it ideal for salads, savoury dishes, desserts & so much more.

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Unit Size: 5 Litre

  • Use it to flavour sauces, fresh fruit salads or soft drinks & cocktails..
  • Wonderful with meats such as Lamb, Pork & Beef and also various dishes from the Moroccan or African cuisines.
  • Try it alongside an onion confit, paté, chutneys or relishes.
  • Delicious drizzled over ice cream or Panna Cotta & many desserts.
  • Perfect paired with with fresh goat’s cheese.
  • Serve with a chicken tagine and toasted almonds.
  • Use as a marinade, and then brush over barbecued South African Lamb kebabs (Sosaties).

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