Argan Nut Oil

The Argan tree only grows today in south western Morocco. A delicious nutty-tasting oil reminiscent of walnuts, made from cold-pressed lightly toasted Argan kernels. 100% pure, cold-pressed Argan oil, perfect for many sweet and savoury dishes.

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  • Add to sauces and soups at the end of the cooking process.
  • Sprinkle over Moroccan cuisine dishes for that finishing touch.
  • Drizzle over salads to add that unmistakeable nutty taste.
  • Enjoy a Moroccan couscous salad with pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of this oil.
  • Delicious with a Chickpea and roasted pepper salad with crumbled feta cheese.
  • Drizzle into a Lebanese cold cucumber soup with cumin.
  • Try it with: millet, amaranth, kamut or quinoa.
  • Use it on vegetable dishes like; grilled aubergine, green beans, cabbage, charred mushrooms, sweet potato, asparagus, sprouts and pumpkin.
  • Chargrilling or dry frying vegetables gives them a beautiful colour and smokey taste.
  • Why not just grab a crusty piece of bread and dunk in the Argan oil? This way you can truly enjoy its natural fragrance. Add some fresh sea salt or pomegranate molasses for variation.
  •  Turn porridge into an exciting morning treat. Why not throw in some nuts, dates and figs as well?
  • Argan oil can add a new dimension to fruit, chocolate dishes as well as when drizzled over ice cream.

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