Stainless Steel Europa Fusti Drums for Oil

These Fusti dispensers are made from top quality, food-grade AISI 304 18/10 Italian stainless steel and are TIG welded for the highest standards of liquid food preservation.

The Fusti Drum and twist-top spigot are both NSF Certified. They are also produced to ISO 9001 certification standard.

All of our Europa Fusti Dispensers are supplied with an NSF certified Twist-Top spigot included in the price.

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10L  BC-CIL-10L-EU: H 24cm, D 28cm, Ø 13cm – 2.1 kg
15L  BC-CIL-15L-EU: H 31cm, D 28cm, Ø 13cm – 2.4 kg
20L  BC-CIL-20L-EU: H 39cm, D 28cm, Ø 13cm – 2.4 kg
25L  BC-CIL-25L-EU: H 32cm, D 36cm, Ø 23cm – 4.2 kg
30L  BC-CIL-30L-EU: H 36cm, D 36cm, Ø 23cm – 4.5 kg
50L  BC-CIL-50L-EU: H 44cm, D 44cm, Ø 23cm – 5.4 kg
75L  BC-CIL-75L-EU: H 46cm, D 55cm, Ø 23cm – 6.5 kg
100L  BC-CIL-100L-EU: H 46cm, D 69cm, Ø 23cm – 7.7 kg

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